Welcome to Frankfurt’s Goethe House, the heart of the Museum. This is where the poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born in 1749, and where he lived until he was 26. This is where he wrote his epochal early works: from the great “Sturm und Drang” poems to the epistolary novel The Sorrows of Young Werther, which quickly made him very famous, to the first version of his great lifework Faust. Our guide will take you through Goethe’s rebuilt family home. We will also let the poet speak in his own words: Looking back, he vividly described his youth in Frankfurt in his autobiography, From My Life. Poetry and Truth.

You can design your tour as you like and, on each floor, choose the rooms and objects that interest you, giving you the opportunity to learn more about the history of the house and its inhabitants.

Enjoy your tour!